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13 July 2006 @ 05:03 pm
Well I think I should make a tag page with all of the icons,lyrics and caps so that if you're looking for something specific you can find it easier without having to go over like 20 entries.
I've also put this entry to look like it's the first one even though it's not.

Warning:They open in a new windown.To find what you're looking for easier go to edit->find on this page.

Caps:Little Manhattan trailer
Caps:R.V. extra clips
Caps:R.V. trailer
Icons:Alexis Bledel
Icons:Britney Spears
>Icons:Rachel McAdams
>Icons:Reese Witherspoon
Icons:Ashlee Simpson
Icons:Ashley Tisdale
Icons:Hilary Duff
Icons:Josh Hutcherson
Icons:Lindsay Lohan
Icons:Lizzie McGuire
Icons:Moulin Rouge
Icons:New York Minute
Icons:One Tree Hill
Icons:S Club 8
Icons:School of rock
Icons:Star Wars
Icons:The O.C.
Lyrics:Who knew-Pink

I'll be adding more after my every update.